Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Life throws curve balls at each of us ALL the time doesn't it?
Here is our latest family picture.
Ha ha ..won't be sending this pic out for our Christmas cards!
All is well for now...I hope.
My silly lung keeps partially collapsing.
I am home and doing the normal stuff.
Kinda haven't been in the mood to blog.
Then, I reminded myself that I really want to do it for the sake of 
it kinda being a journal of our life's!
I easily forget certain details of things.  I think that it is nice to look back.
Blogging helps keep those memories!
 I find myself looking back either with great fondness or so glad that part of 
our lives is OVER!
Many times I wish I could ask one of my two awesome Grandmother's how they felt, 
or got through certain things.  Perhaps, many years from no,w my Granddaughters might look back and giggle or draw from a certain life lesson I have learned.
I learn a lot each day.

My Grandma Ellen's profound "this too shall pass" saying, crosses through my mind often! 
The tender or feisty words of My Grandma Faye i find repeating to myself or others.

Before I had my children, I never conceived how much a Mother's heart worries or thrills with each and every lesson their children go through!
A perfectly great  day can go from being a 10 to a 4 in a matter of the car door opening as they get in from school.
I have YET to experience anything below a 4.  
I knock on wood that day does not come!
Yikes, I keep considering deleting what I just typed.

I dread seeing pain on one of my kid's face. 
Pain or heartbreak, both are so hard to watch.

I am learning that we each will come together as a family at the end of a day,
a team. (I hope)
With different excitement's or sorrows.  It is great to have this dear little family.

I am thankful to be their Mom.

This is a funny story from today.
 Jake told me when I picked him up from school, that
a few weeks ago they did a survey of who the kids thought had the best style, smile, humor, hair...
you get the just.
 He said "the morning announcements went through all of them, and then they came to the sixth grade boy with the best hair, it was....HIM!
He was super sheepish about it, but said it was funny.
This guy has THE THICKEST hair!
Jared cuts his hair, he almost needs strong dog grooming sheers! 
Wish I could have all that thickness! (I think he got it from my Grandma Faye)

Yesterday, 9/11 was discussed at their school's.
I remember the moment I watched that second airplane fly into the towers on the news!
I never would have imagined that twelve years later my second grader could/would be able to explain the event in such detail. 
We prayed for the families and loved ones of the victims of such sadness.
Talmage was devastated, he came home and was very quiet.
He emerged from his room, asking me to come listen to what he had learned about 9/11.

Excuse the brotherly fiasco that develops

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have learned through my many years that friends are pretty special!
We all get so busy with our lives.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of them though.
We all have people that come into our lives that never leave our hearts...even if we don't get to
chat or see each other very often.
I also think that there are certain friends that I just know I will grow old with!
I am so very fortunate.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grandma's and Grandpa's~
Here are our two Power Rangers!
Jared could not find a "blue helmet" online for sale.
He bought a red one,
 taped it on certain spots and sprayed the helmet blue =
One very thrilled Blue Power Ranger (Jonah)

Jake obviously has out grown such things.
Still loves to play with them though!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Fantasy

Jared makes all my days seem pretty amazing!

My birthday is coming up...
Now that I am getting older,  the cake thing is all I look forward to. 

Could I have all of these?

This is my birthday fantasy...oh yeah...and every bite was calorie free!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

School 2012-2013

The stockings back packs were hung in the laundry room with care...
In hopes of the morning and their school 
not being a nightmare..
Jake is in Junior high...6TH grade!
Talmage is in 2ND
Jonah is in Kindergarten
Mom is in disbelief!

The boys elementary starts at 7:30 

Jake entering the gates of awkward junior high.
 I was back at home at 8:00 this morning
The house was quiet 
Jonah's room seemed so empty.  
2:20 will come quickly I know....
I hesitantly turn the page to this new era...
I wonder at what point my Jonah will want to come home? 
Seven hours is a long time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Change is coming at our house.
My sweet boys are ALL headed to school on 

I will not have this little guy as my side kick anymore.
They only offer ALL day kindergarten here...
He is ready...I think
I am NOT ready to end this Era...

This is how my heart is feeling.
I saw this truck at a gas station on the way back 
to Kingman from Salt Lake...
I thought it describes how my heart is feeling.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fav...

When I was a little girl,
 my Grandma Faye
 introduced me to one of my favorite treats!
My Grandma worked in the Cameo Room at ZCMI.
She was a lover of fine clothing...
So, when my Mom went off to college
 she started working in the Cameo Room.
I can still smell the distinct smell
of the fur coats that hung chained to the rack.
There were two beautiful desks with exquisite red velvet chairs
that my Grandma and another employee named Renee
My Mom would take us to see her.
Visiting her was one of my favorite things to do!
Her beautifully manicured hands lathered in the finest lotion
 would hand us a dollar bill, or 50 cents
and we would go to the candy store in ZCMI 
 My Sister and I would boldly order "fifty cents worth of orange sticks please!"
The employee would pour Orange sticks into a measuring scale and add more or take some out.
We would leave with  a white medium sized bag half full of orange sticks!
In my college years, I too worked at ZCMI
Just in a different department.
You better believe I ordered a dollar worth of orange sticks on my break.
My Mom has a great Christmas Eve tradition.
Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas day at her house.
She always has a beautiful fire in her fire place!  
Ham and turkey, orange rolls, curry, and of course 

I took a box from her stash of them to eat on the trip home from Salt Lake
This morning, when I was getting the kids breakfast,
 I saw Talmage (our seven year old) grab a couple orange sticks out of the corner of my eye.
I giggled at how the tradition continues.
He commented
"If I could marry food, I would marry orange sticks!"
~When I lived in Henderson, I gave some friends a box of Orange Sticks for Christmas, most had never even heard of them.
So, ya gotta get a box,  kick your feet up and watch a movie!